Quantisweb Methodology

M’Hammed Mountassir PhD and inventor of the quantisweb methodology has authored a white paper on the subject:

This article introduces a new methodology which combines aspects and approaches of three areas of Applied Mathematics: Decision Theory (AHP approach, Analytical Hierarchical Process), Statistics and Optimization Techniques, in order to efficiently solve formulation problems. The combination of these mathematical areas for formulation achieves a simultaneous a twofold benefit.  First, it allows minimizing the number of required tests ( ), where Np is the number of parameters “Xi”, regardless of their levels.  Second, it eliminates added parameter induced exponential effect, which provides for optimum formulations endowed with global optimality, as all the product characteristics “Yj” are simultaneously optimized. The optimality results from a reduced number of combinations, and is possible due to the interaction of parameters, and each response function, according to their importance in the global objective. These interactions are estimated either by parametric and/or nonparametric methods.

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