Our Company

MDM Technologies was founded in January 2005 and purchased the intellectual property of Quantis Formulation. The company changed its name to Quantisweb Technologies in 2009 to create a stronger link with the name of its product Quantisweb.

During the period 1992-1995, a joint research project of Purchase Master and Prolab was financed by Quebec and Canadian governments R&D tax credits to develop procurement software for Purchase Master and Biodegradable synthetic motor oil for 2 stroke engines for Prolab. The project was successfully completed. Quantis Formulation was founded in 1997 to adapt the tool developed under the research project to the pharmaceutical drug formulation process and to various other industries such as: polymers and paints. Quantis Formulation developed a concept into a fully mature product over the following 7 years and succeeded in penetrating the very difficult pharmaceutical market.

We help Process Manufacturers overcome the limitations of traditional Design of Experiments, Big Data Analytics and Lean Sigma practices with advanced Software and Consulting services that improve product performance and competitive differentiation. Our proven, scalable platform is in use by Fortune 500 firms and others with complex optimization challenges.

Our Beliefs

Scientists and engineers need more powerful tools to create higher quality products faster.

Quantisweb Technologies will conceive and develop multi-objectives (targets) and multivariate optimization methodology and software that will shorten development processes, assure quality and reduce costs of industrial production.

…having the inner strength to be honest and trustworthy in all things.
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Our Team


William Blasius

“Voice of the Customer” Adviser to Quantisweb

Bill Blasius has been working with polymers for the past 33 years in research and development positions at both leading global companies such as Unilever, Nova Chemicals and Clariant Corporation as well as for smaller, entrepreneurial companies including ECM Plastics and Cooley Inc.

>

He is currently Manager R&D/Polymer Science for Foster Corporation in Putnam, CT. His hands-on experience includes applications for adhesives, coatings, rubber and thermoplastics. He has synthesized, formulated, compounded and made finished products from a broad range of polymeric materials. He holds 13 US and International patents for compositions of matter, applications and consumer products. He has been a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers since 1984 and is currently on the SPE Thermoplastic Elastomers Special Interest Group’s board of directors and repeat TPE TopCon co-chair. He is also a long time member of the American Chemical Society and Product Development & Management Association. His ongoing interests include development of transparent polymeric alloys, reactive extrusion and pushing the limits of thermoplastic elastomers.


Yimare Elliott, Ph.D.

“Health Sciences”

Mrs. Elliott advises Quantisweb on the needs of the drug development market. Yimare has over 15 years of research experience in both cellular and immunological aspects of rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis with specific research in the pre-leukemic condition called Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).

>

Yimare education includes:
Ph.D. in Immunology/Biochemistry from Cambridge University, UK.
Msc. in Biochemical Immunology, University of East London, UK.
BSc. Honors in Cell/Molecular Biology,Anglia University Cambridge, UK,
BSc. in Biochemistry and Chemistry, Wolverhampton Polytechnic, UK.

Yimare has co-authored 11 articles in publication and contributed to a total of 29 abstracts.

Nina Visconti - Vice President, Strategic Development

Nina Visconti

Vice President, Strategic Development

Mrs. Visconti has over 15 years experience in the field of high tech software management in product development and support services, establishing and maintaining business leadership and in pre and post sales support.

>

The previous 8 years were spent in operations management, training and teaching.

Nina holds a B. Sc. in Biology from Concordia University, an M.A. in Education Technology from Concordia University and a D.B.A. from McGill University.


M’Hammed Mountassir, Ph.D.

Chief Mathematician

Mr. Mountassir is a mathematician and the inventor responsible for the integration of the mathematics domains of statistics, decision theory and optimization, which is the basis of Quantisweb.

>

M’Hammed holds a position of Professor at the University of Ottawa. M’Hammed also worked as a statistician for the “Société de Recherche Purchasemaster” and as a research associate in Biostatistics and in Quantitative Methods at the University of Montreal’s Mathematics and Statistics faculty and as an assistant professor at the National Institute of Mathematics and Applied Economics in Morocco.

M’Hammed holds two Doctorates, one in Mathematics from the Université Clermont II in France (1984) and one in Statistics from University of Montreal (1993). He has produced 11 publications and 30 various abstracts.

Yvan Dumas

Yvan Dumas, Ph.D.

Chief Architect

Mr. Dumas has over 20 years of Operation research experience within the airline industries. He was mainly involved in Research and development for crew scheduling products.at University of Montreal.

>

He played an important role in leadership and in the technology development. He was finalist in 2004 for the prestigious Frank Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Yvan has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at École Polytechnique of Montréal and a Ms.c. in Operation Research at University of Montreal.

Marc Lamontagne

Marc Lamontagne

Software Engineer

Marc has over 25 years of significant experience in design and software development in many technologies. During his career he worked in several domains of computing.  He acquired field of expertise on real-time systems, mathematical applications and the design of software closely related to computer hardware. Marc also applied the concepts of object-oriented programming in several projects he has done.

>

Mr. Lamontagne holds a bachelor in Software Engineering from Chicoutimi University (UQAC), and is a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) since 2001.


Gianni Capozzi

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Capozzi has over 20 years of experience in the field of auditing, taxation, financial forecasting and consulting for a host of owner managed clients.

Gianni holds a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting from Concordia University, a Diploma in Public Accounting from McGill University, and is a member of the Ordre des Comptables Agréés du Québec since 1986.

Gilles Gagnon

Gilles Gagnon

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Gagnon has over 30 years of executive management experience in operations, marketing and general management in the computer, process control, engineering services and software industries, with service and manufacturing companies operating globally.

>

Prior to joining Quantisweb Technologies, he held senior positions in the software industry, serving as Vice-president, International Business Development at Carmen Systems and Vice-president, Marketing and Sales at Adopt Technologies. He was President and General Manager at AMRA Technologies, Executive Vice-president at Protec Microsystems and, Vice-president and General Manager at Astrolab.

Mr. Gagnon holds a diploma in Electronics from Sherbrooke Institute of Technology, an MBA degree from Sherbrooke University, a diploma in International Management from Queen’s University and a diploma in Strategic Planning from Concordia University.