Speed, flexibility and outward focus
are the cornerstones of agile product development.

Quantisweb is the new tool that enables
agile product development in a complex world.

Unless you are using Quantisweb for your agile product development,

you might as well burn a pile of cash
each time the project goes in a new direction.

With Quantisweb, you can bring the agile process to
new product scale up without skimping on the variables.

200 variables organized into n+1 trials gives
you the room to explore and the speed to execute.

Everyday in production is a little different and
your data acquisition system is working overtime
to track parameters and outputs.

Why not use Quantisweb to treat each day
like a new experiment to help you inject agile
into process optimization?

If you are fighting reject problems using the software
package that came with your Lean Sigma training
and getting nowhere, we aren’t surprised.

Inputting 200 variables, Quantisweb brings the agile process
to the optimization of up to 100 properties simultaneously,
helping you eliminate defects in ways you were never taught.



Quantisweb is the latest advance in Scaled Big Data Analytics based on Predictive Analytics and Optimization Software to help process manufacturers improve profits.

We help by overcoming the limitations of traditional Design of Experiments, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Lean Sigma practices with advanced Software and Consulting services that improve product performance and competitive differentiation.

Discovery/Exploration/Formulation (Laboratory)

We partner with agile R&D PRACTITIONERS to reduce time and cost to bring new products to the market.

Scale Up (Production)

We enable PRODUCTION MANAGERS to optimize potentially competing priorities for quality and throughput.

Continuous Improvement/Manufacturing Execution System

We help LEAN SIGMA LEADERS drive reductions in overall system costs by providing data analytics of historical data.

Why Quantisweb?

Our holistic solution can provide global optimization for 200 variables and 100 objectives simultaneously.

Our services provide a return-on-investment and an innovation platform for the future.

We provide consulting services on a single project basis or a multi project annual service contract basis while avoiding capital expenditures and broadening your efforts without augmenting human resources.

Our proven solution is used by Fortune 500 firms and others with complex optimization challenges.

Optimization of model characteristics in simulation and optimization tools.