Quantisweb Technologies will present at the Compounding World Forum 2016, December 13-14, 2016 in Philadelphia.

Nina Visconti V.P. Strategic Development of Quantisweb Technologies and Howard Blum, Director of Innovium Partners LLC will co-present a paper focusing on innovation: “Groundbreaking ‘agile’ practices to lower the cost of polymer compound development”, at the 4th annual Compounding World Forum that will take place on December 13-14 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in Philadelphia, PA, USA.


Groundbreaking ‘Agile’ Practices to Lower the Cost of Polymer Compound Development

Nina Visconti, VP Strategic Development Quantisweb®
 Howard Blum and Jeffrey Bornstein, Managing Partners Innovium Partners LLC

Compounding companies clearly understand that product development can be a lengthy and expensive task. Newly developed polymer compounds often require many experimental iterations before a final product can be developed that meet the customer’s required performance characteristics. If this cost could be significantly reduced, higher profitability and market share would soon follow.

Innovium Partners and Quantisweb® have been working together to bring the compounding industry a new approach to optimize compound development experimentation and manufacturing processes. We use ‘Agile’ Business Practices combined with a unique, patented software tool to speed up product development and formulation research and reduce costs.

Our approach is far more powerful than traditional experimental design.  Simply stated, this new ‘Agile’ approach can cut the number of experiments for new product development by at least 50%, while coming up with the best (optimized) formulated solution. It can also resolve manufacturing problems. This translates to huge savings potential for the R&D organization and business unit.

The approach requires our real engagement with the compounding company. This helps to maximize cost savings and provides the best solutions. One unique ancillary benefit is the ability to ‘actively see’ how experimental variation could also yield other discoveries in addition to the focused outcome. In other words, while optimizing a target solution, serendipitous discoveries may also evolve.

This presentation will explain the how our approach works, provide examples of successful case histories and review different ways it can be used.

Gilles, Howard and Nina are looking forward to meeting you in Philadelphia!