Quantisweb Technologies will present at Antec 2017, May 8-10, 2017 in Anaheim.

Nina Visconti V.P. Strategic Development of Quantisweb Technologies will present a paper focusing on 21st century productivity tools for the plastics industry.


Impossible Problems Solved:

The Quantisweb Approach of Computational Optimization

In today’s world, the scientist/engineer working in the plastics industry has access to numerous methods, technologies and accumulated data to resolve any problem he/she is faced with. What is impossible is to have enough time to learn all these new methods, run all the required experiments or analyse all the data that is available.

Quantisweb Technologies has developed a Stochastic Approximation Optimization methodology to speed up the process by a minimum of 80%, providing plenty of time to solve impossible problems. The methodology can be used in the phases of discovery, formulation, production scale up and in Lean/6Sigma problem resolution. The required experiments can be generated by Quantisweb or gleaned from customer’s actual data. These experiments can be run in the lab, in production or in simulation.

This presentation will explain the how our approach works, provide examples of successful case histories and review different ways it can be used.

Gilles and Nina are looking forward to meeting you in Anaheim!