The McGILL RACING TEAM-15 calls on QUANTISWEB to meet precise aerodynamic coefficient targets to provide them with a competitive edge.

The McGill Racing Team is a group of undergraduate engineering students at McGill University that participates in the Formula SAE competitions (see Since 1994 they have built fourteen (14) competitive race cars. This year the McGill race team intends to continue this trend and will compete in FSAE East Michigan, FSAE Lincoln in Nebraska, FSAE North in Barrie, Ontario and Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim with the objective to earn 780 of 800 possible competition points, placing them in the top seed.

The goal was to design, construct and test aerodynamic devices, including a rear and a front wing composed of one or more foils, to generate down force while minimizing drag and adding minimal mass to MRT cars as part of a strategy to reduce the lap time performance of the race car by 9%, thereby enabling the racing team to be competitive within the top three contenders from last year’s race held in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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