Merck/Frosst Canada
Project – Placebo 2003
Helen Tanfara
Montreal, June 2004

“To evaluate the use of a web-based optimization tool, Quantisweb, by comparing results to a commercially available DOE software, JMP™. The effect of formulation design on a wet granulation process was examined.

“Quantisweb followed a design requiring a minimum of Np+1 experiments for optimization. JMP™ followed a half-fraction factorial design with two center points for optimization. For both cases, a two-level design was followed. “

“Quantisweb provided an optimization based on the results obtained, a set of weighting factors, “Yj”, and defined ranges for the parameters, “Xi”, under investigation. JMP™ provided a model based on the results obtained from the two-level half-fraction factorial design.”

“The Quantisweb optimization, using an Np+1 design, concurred with results obtained using a two level half-fraction factorial design. For this case, Quantisweb has provided similar results as traditional methods with a 50% reduction in the number of experiments and the amount of raw material required.”